Two naming conventions in one font. Is it possible?

I have the next naming convention in my font:

Google Fonts want me to switch to the standard convention:

I’d like not to switch completely. Instead, I’m looking for ways to have both naming conventions in one Glyphs file and activate/deactivate the corresponding one before exporting the font.

I see no problem in adding the second set of export instances. However, what should I do with master names? Should they comply with instance names?

Any advice on how to set up something like this? :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure master names even make it into exported fonts, so I would think the master names don’t matter for your purposes.

Never mind about the master names, they don’t make any difference to the exports. You can do either of the following options:

  • Duplicate existing instances, edit names on duplicates, activate/deactivate as needed for exports (manual approach)
  • Run a small script over your exports that edits the name table entries accordingly, for example with fonttools (scripting approach)

You can also use a project file to have two sets of instances.

I would not resort to post processing script. There are enough options to set things up in the glyphs source.

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Thank you all!