Two sets of compatible nested anchors

I have an ‘h’ build from a stem component and a a another component that is the second stroke in the n. The ‘n’ component has a ‘top’ anchor, so I have made a ‘ascender_top’ anchor in the ‘l’ component to be able to place the circumflex correctly in the ‘hcircumflex’. However, glyphs will not let me select the use of the ‘ascender_top’ anchors – which exist in both the ‘l’ component and the circumflex. Glyphs defaults to the ‘top’ anchor, and won’t let me choose anything else. I remember once upon a time where I could connect one anchor to another however I liked, but that functionality seems to be removed?

So, is there a way to place diacritics with the anchors I want to use?

Try renaming the ‘ascender_top’ to ‘top.ascender’. And the ‘ascender_top’ anchor in the ‘circumflex’ would need an underscore prefix. But you should be able to remove it.

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It just struck me yesterday that an issue would be in the use of arbitrary composition. In those cases, ie. placing an arbitrary diacritic over an ‘h’ would go bad because the diacritic would be placed to the ‘top’ anchor, which is placed at the top of the n-2nd-stroke component, thus above the x-height and not above the ascender as needed. And since I compose the composite glyph ‘h’ as ‘l-component’+‘n-2nd-stroke-component’ using ‘#exit’ and ‘#entry’ anchors, and both components having a ‘top’ anchor, I’m unsure of which one would be used?

Yup, using ‘top.ascender’ works. I can now select the anchor in the info-box.