Type all font glyphs in Illustrator

Hi - I need to be able to type all my font’s glyphs in Illustrator for testing. I need the whole set that appears in the glyphs window (inside Illustrator) that means ss, alts, etc. How can I easily copy paste them?


Copy and paste you can only do with characters, IOW only glyphs that have a Unicode value. There is a way to put AI-style info into the clipboard as well but I haven’t been able to figure out how exactly yet.


You can make a JavaScript or AppleScript that sets the features though. But it would need to recognize where to activate which feature.

Can’t you just open up the Glyphs panel in Illustrator and manually insert all the characters in your font?

Illustrator: Window>Type>Glyphs

Yeah I can do that but it’s a 1800 glyphs font :slight_smile: and you can insert just one per click :hot_face:

Took my 11.2 seconds to import 18 glyphs manually. Should be around 20 minutes to paste everything including some minor slack if my math is correct ,-)

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Start with mekkablue > Test > Copy InDesign Test Text then paste in illustrator, and set OT features.

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@otherviews I’ve been using this InDesign script for years, find the Creative Cloud version at the bottom: https://indesignsecrets.com/make-a-font-contact-sheet-in-indesign.php


I usually use this method;
from the macro panel in Glyphs,
run this script:

font = Glyphs.font
string = ''
print string
for glyph in font.glyphs:
	if glyph.unicode != None:
		string += '&#x'+ str(glyph.unicode) + '; '
print string

then just copy the results into text file and save it as [.html] ,
and then from [.html] file (View Mode) copy your glyphs to your illustrator file .

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Or simply add a Smart Filter with:

  • Has Unicode: yes
  • Export: yes

Then select all, copy, paste in the app of your liking.