Type Up Paths not Working

In Glyphs 2, When you run Type Up Paths (shift+cmd+T), it reduces two overlapping nodes into a single one. In Glyphs 3, it strangely keeps both nodes but turns them into overlapping corner paths (blue square) instead of continuous paths (green circle). I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

It works for me. Can you send me the file?

Sure where do I send it? It’s strange it works on a new document but not the one I’m working on which has 4 masters.

Send it by email (support at this domain) or in a private message on the forum.

You have set the grid to zero.
It was checking for all segments shorter than the grid. With a grid of zero, this was not very useful. I fixed it to use 0.01 units as the lowers distance.

For now, you could set the grid to 1/10. That gives you enough precision abut also some regularity.

Oh, good to know! I set it to 0 so that rounded _corners don’t have a jagged point on diagonal or curved terminals.

Thanks Georg!

Hello, we discussed my problem with export because of lowercase cyrillic glyphs in this theme " All uppercase font - can’t generate lowercase A=a", but I’m a new user and I couldn’t answer you there more them 3 times. So, I will answer here, you asked me there about updates. My version of the glyphs is the latest own.

With 1/10 it will be smooth enough.

have you checked Preferences > Updates and set the checkbox at “Show cutting edge versions”?

Yes, I do this. And update the app, and now the version of my glyphs is 2.1.6. But my problem still with me

Can you answer in the original thread. I changed your user state so you should be able to post normally.