Typeface (font) with halo effect

I would like to create a typeface with a halo effect … Is this achievable in Glyphs or could I create and import the respective file from Illustrator?

Thanks for your inputs.

You can import files from illustrator: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/importing-from-illustrator

And can you post a screenshot on what you like to do?

Thanks for the link.

I’m after something like this, just much more subtle.

That is rather complicated but should be possible. You need to build a color font. Support for the is still new in Adobe apps and the web.

Bit wouldn’t it be easier to just have the black text and add the glow as a text effect? Where do you like to use this?

Yes this looks like it is better done in post processing, after setting in AI for instance.

It’s supposed to be part of the typeface for the use in common applications like PowerPoint, etc.

Yes, I agree. The question is, can this be done in Glyphs?

Especially this app has notoriously bad support for OpenType fonts. Substitution features do not work in PowerPoint, I doubt that colour fonts do. Word is a little better. Browsers are best in terms of color font support. I suggest you take a look at the color font tutorials and decide which format you want to go for.

One problem you have is that to get the smooth glow effect, you need to do ligatures for all words that you need.

Well, it’s definitely going to be an interesting learning curve. Thanks for the tutorial tip, I’ll have a look at it.

Yes, that’s another good point.

Thanks for your inputs, I appreciate it and will keep you posted.

Finally getting back to the halo issue … actually, looking at the image above, that’s too extreme—not quite what I’m after.

The colour font tutorial is excellent! I have been experimenting with layers, which looks promising as the halo has to be black. The question is, how to change the solid black colour to look more halo-like.

And another thought: could this be coded?

As a typographer, I would not rely on the font to do this, but on an application function, like AI drop shadows.

If you do need to sneak it into a font, it depends on where you need to use it. I would consider an sbix solution. And probably this is also possible in SVG. in both cases, the images to be prepared outside of Glyphs, and then dragged onto svg or iColor layers.

Interesting! I will look into the svg option (https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/creating-an-svg-color-font), thanks.