Typeface works on Preview/Font Gauntlet but not Adobe

Not sure what’s going on, I know it’s a pretty component heavy typeface, but it should be working fine on Ai, so I’m sure I messed something up in the Font Info.

Would love a second opinion.

Thanks in advance!

Font File:
A2ZDotV4VF.ttf (29.2 KB)
Working File:
A2ZDot_V18_01172024 [6].glyphs (909.0 KB)

Can you be a bit more specific what is not working?

The latest versions of the Adobe apps have severe bugs with Variable fonts. So if something works in browsers and not in Adobe apps, it is most likely a bug.

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Oh that’s great to hear, leave it to Adobe…

Don’t really know what else to say - that’s probably the issue, although my previous explorations do work in Adobe, so that’s a little weird.

The font works perfectly everywhere else, but on any Adobe app it wont show previews or let me type.

As you can see the V3 is working, and I can adjust the variable within Adobe, but the V4 doesn’t work, that’s what makes me think it’s an issue I caused.

It works in Figma, so I think it’s just Adobe.

Latest news I heard from someone at Adobe is that they internally fixed most bugs related to variable fonts, but it will take a while until it rolls out for the users.