UFO glyph colors

I’m loading a UFO v2 and all glyph colors are missing. The file seems to have been saved from FontLab, but the colors are saved as:


I got explicit order not to touch RFs private keys. Can you search and replace it to “public.markColor”?

I don’t know why someone would have such authority, but anyway I’ve never been a fan of UFO or its “community” (too much hype, too little actual value).

This works, thanks. Though I didn’t want to change the file unnecessarily.

Yeah, a bit weird that FL used the RoboFont private keys. I think vfb2ufo did that.

If it’s possible to reexport the VFB, vfb3ufo (from vfbLib) will get you a much better result in UFO v3.

Current versions (I think since RF3) of RoboFont also use the public.markColor key, so updating the key shouldn’t be a concern in this case.

The one who’s name is in the key.

I got the UFO from a collaborator and I don’t know how were they generated. It is in UFO 2 format with the creator set to com.fontlab.ufoLib, which might explain the oddity.

FontLab apparently didn’t get the memo (or got it and ignored it).