UFOs with included GDEF and GPOS feature code

For an Arabic script project, I have a UFO with a complete features.fea file. This .fea file includes both the GPOS code – including mark and cursive attachment – and the GDEF table definition.

However, when we use Glyphs ( to open the UFO and export a TTF, Glyphs adds (to the temporary features.fea) its own mark and cursive attachment code (both lookup and feature) as well as its own GDEF table. makeOTF then fails with errors about multiple GDEF and curs features.

Is there an option some place that would prevent these additions, and use only the feature code as specified in the UFO?

That is currently not supported. Could you send me one of your file that I can have a look?

Thanks, Georg!

Just a quick note for anyone reading this thread: this has been fixed as of Version 2.4.2 (1032).