UI bugs Glyphs Mini 1.5.1

Glyphs mini 1.5.1 has a few UI bugs where for example the “preview” view at the bottom stays visible on top of the main overview view, obscuring it. Also when you switch between zooming on to a character by trackpad (pinch motion) and cmd +, you get a really weird combination of double scrollbars and the font size field gets messed up.
I can’t seem to add screenshots, so here are links to screenshots uploaded to Flickr:

maybe related to this report in my logs: Glyphs Mini[5073]: -deltaZ is deprecated for NSEventTypeMagnify. Please use -magnification.

I know this problems but did not see it that bad. It is very difficult to reproduce.

Does it happen every time or in specific circumstances?

What version of MacOSX do you have?

Yes, it seems quite random to me. I’ll try to be a good debugger and find a good way to reproduce it.

I’m on OSX 10.8.5, the latest public release.

I’m also getting quite a bit of these in my logs:
Glyphs Mini[5549]: objc[5549]: Class ARCLite is implemented in both /Applications/Glyphs Mini.app/Contents/Frameworks/AGRegex.framework/Versions/A/AGRegex and /Applications/Glyphs Mini.app/Contents/PlugIns/TransformPanel.glyphsPalette/Contents/MacOS/TransformPanel. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

Finally! I’ve been able to reproduce the problem!

  1. open Glyphs Mini
  2. File > new
  3. Double click lowercase a in the Font tab to open a new tab with it
  4. Go back to the Font tab, double click lowercase b to create a second tab.
  5. Go back to the tab of the lowercase a, at the bottom right of this tab is a font size text field between the + and -. Select whatever is inside this textfield and press backspace to delete the content. press enter.
  6. Don’t click anywhere outside of this textfield, it should keep focus I think.
  7. Click the ‘x’ on the top of the other tab (the one with b in it) to close that tab.

Expected behaviour : a kind of popup will ask you to finish your editing of the text field before switching focus
Actual behaviour: http://www.flickr.com/photos/worldreceiver/10153421556/

The text field still has focus and will show through, sometimes other views will also keep showing through on the wrong tabs, eventually Glyphs crashes.
You can do the same trick in the Font info tab with the family name text field, and I’m guessing others too…

I hope this helps somehow, it was so difficult to reproduce! :slight_smile:

Thie helps a lot. Thanks

I don’t remember if I mentioned this one yet:
when you are in a tab and have selected the Text tool, when you keep the ‘o’ down to make the context menu containing “ö ó ô ò õ” etc. pop up, Glyphs Mini crashes.

This is relatively new functionality. I will try to implement this as soon as possible.