Unable to create regular and bold fonts for a single family in Glyphs Mini

I have two completely separate glyphs files. The FontInfo for the two has

Family Name: xxx
Style Name: Regular
Weight: Regular

in one, and

Family Name: xxx
Style Name: Bold
Weight: Bold
IsBold: Ticked

in the other.

When I export from the two different files, it always writes a single .OTF file, named xxx-Regular.otf

(Yes, it says -Regular even from the BOLD file)

If I rename the files to keep them completely different, and then try to install in FontBook, it tells me that the fonts are duplicated.

So what obvious thing am I missing that prevents me producing Bold, Regular, Italic and other variants of the font?

I’m having the same issue, no matter what I set it will always export as -Regular.

This is a bug. The fix it on the way. Sorry.