Unable to install plugin on Glyphs 3

I tries to install my plugin (GitHub - r-typography/fix-handle-from-line: Glyphs PlugIn to Some Fix Handles) in Glyphs 3 but it doesn’t shop up on the menu, and when I export the font using it as a filter, it says the plugin is not installed.

Do I need to change something in my code? Or is this a problem on Glyphs 3?


How did you install it? Do you get an error message?

I just opened the plug in with Glyphs 3, then clicked Install. Then closed Glyphs 3 and opened it again. No error message.

This is the error I get:

It contains an outdated binary. Can you add us as collaborators? Then we can fix it quickly for you. Or update Contents/MacOS/plugin and Contents/Info.plist with the respective files from the SDK, and remove Contents/PkgInfo and Contents/MacOS/main.py. While you’re at it, double check the imports at the top of plugin.py.

Thanks Rainer, I managed to fix it.