Underline definition

If I set custom parameters underlineThickness and underlinePosition in the font master, the underlinePosition is reduced by the half thickness in the post table of the exported font. When I define e.g. thickness 128 and position -256 this results in an actual underlinePosition value of -192. If I reimport the exported font into Glyphs the “corrected” underlinePosition is imported but no thickness value at all. Same in 1.4.4 and 2 Beta.

Edit: If I export as OTF, the values in the CFF Table are correct but not in the post table. If I reimport the OTF the correct position is importet but still no thickness value.

That is because these two values are calculated differently. One calculates the offset as the middle of the stroke the other as the upper rim of the stroke.

Ok, thanks for clarification. But Glyphs should then recalculate again on import of TTF and also import the thickness value.

There was indeed a bug that prevented the thickness to be read correctly. thanks for finding it.

The current 1.4.4-603 still dosen’t import the thickness. In Version 2.0.0-640 it is fixed for otf fonts, but with ttf the position value is recalculated wrong. If I export a ttf with thickness 128 and position -256, reimporting the ttf gives a position value of -192 which is off by the half thickness.

This issue is now fixed in 2.0.0-653 but still missing in 1.4.4-606. Would be great if pure bugfixes could be backported to G1 for the rest of us who still are on 10.6 to 10.8 … thanks.