Undo and intermediate layer

Is there a known misbehaviour using undo with glyphs that have intermediate layers?
If I delete a path in an intermediate layer and then in a normal master, the deletion in the intermediate layer is not undoable. This is also true for the reverse order of steps.

Glspyhs 3.2.1

Can you reproduce this with a newly opened file?

Unfortunately not.

To be honest, i’ve been having problems with undo for a long time without being able to reproduce it. I was glad to have finally found the reason, but that was probably another duck. Is it possible that something often goes wrong with the file so that I keep having problems?

I don’t really know but I suspect an plugin or script. And there are probably a few code paths in Glyphs itself that cause this. The problem why it is so difficult to reproduce is that the undo is broken way before you realize it.

I see. The only way to instpect would be the existence of a history window like in Photoshop.
This could also be a nice help to jump back to a specific state.

Unfortunately the undo manager class from macOS doesn’t support this. And for the same reason it is so difficult to debug.