Undo broken? Version 2.3.1 (908)

Sometimes I do something and when I try to undo, I have to press it many times to get back to the previous states and in the status at the bottom it always says its “Change Metrics” but I haven’t done that, please see this video, the problem occurs at 00:24


Most actions are to fast so it is difficult to spot what happened. Can you describe that causes the undo fail?

Ok I think it’s the rotate tool, here’s a narrated and slower video, I hope this helps

I still can’t reproduce it. If anyone could try?

It comes and goes, I just tried too and it doesn’t happen now… but other times it does…

I’m with you, oneweioranother. It really sucks and it actually screwed me pretty badly.

I notice if I only swap masters after shifting some points, then when I go back the last undo event becomes “Change Metrics”… and have to undo 4~5 times to get to the right point. Same with flipping between background and foreground it seems.

See this video, at the end a “Change Metrics” gets added after the undo, although most often I encounter it as before the last actual editing event, http://quick.as/d9dwtz32m

I fixed the “Change Metrics” undo bug. Thanks for reporting.

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