Undo bug when decomposing components


This has happened to me quite a few times in different occasions.
But this time i can reproduce it so I thought to share with you guys.
Here’s what happens:
I copy a glyph with components and corners to a mask. When I decompose one of components and try do Undo this message pops up.

Can you send a screenshot of the glyph?
What version do you have?

I can’t reproduce it since I quit glyphs last time.
It crashed once though while trying to reproduce it.
I’ve sent you the crash report.
I’m sending a screenshot anyway.

I’m having the same issue with another glyph.

Is this issue solved?
I’ve had several new situations.

I can’t reproduce this.

Unable to to UNDO Decompose of a glyph that is Nested components
Version 2.5.2 (1148)

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I’ve had this problem for a Long time too.

How exactly do you decompose. Can you send me a sample file?