Undo keeps breaking, adding component causes crashes (921)

I get the error saying all undo for this glyph has been removed, I notice sometimes it’s after something to do with adding a component… it also crashes now sometimes when I add a component.

It’s happening every 10~20 minutes

Version 2.3.1 (922)
I notice one instance where this breaks is, if I run [Align Components](https://github.com/mekkablue/Glyphs-Scripts/blob/master/Components/Align All Components.py) on a background, and then move some paths in in the foreground, undo is broken:

See the video:

This was a error that needed several pieces to play together. I fixed it. Thanks for finding this.
But it will always be possible to crash Glyphs or make it unusable from scripts or plugins.

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Okay, but the problem I used to have where glyphs would crash after adding a component is back… any ideas?

I see the crashes from you but you are the only one experiencing them. I can’t reproduce them…