Undo not working after using knife

Working with the last update (the one that fixed undo problem) I’ve experienced a problem with this action. After using the knife (not sure if this is relevant) I couldn’t make undo.

Hope this is useful to solve the problem.

Can you make a screencast of what you are doing. Maybe that helps me to reproduce the problem.

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Here you have, Georg. I also replied in another post about a thing going on with knife tool and I’m showing it in the video as well. Once you cut a path one side becomes open. Hope this help


GlyphsKnifeUndo.mov.zip (1.3 MB)

Thanks I hope I fixed it.

But the undo was fine for me. So that might be a different problem.

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Thanks, Georg. Could the undo problem be related to using corner components? For now it is the only thing it comes to my mind.

You are right. The undo problem is because of the corners. Thanks for reporting this.

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You are very welcome. I’m glad that helped.

And I think I fixed it.

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Hi guys! I think I’m having the same issue—not sure why it’s not fixed for me. Please see the short video here. It seemed easier/faster to explain that way. Couldn’t attach the video because it was a little too big.

Currently using Glyphs 2.6.1 (1230)

As always, thanks for your consideration! :slight_smile:

Have you tried 1237?

@mekkablue Ah, that did the trick indeed—thank you so much!

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