Undo sometimes crashes

Whilst path creation undo sometimes is not possible. It appears whilst using the plugin SuperTool. Is there a reason why this happens?

That is a known problem. If you can reproduce it, I can fix that case.

It is mostly caused by some scripts or plugins that don’t handle changes to the font correctly. So if you can narrow it down to a certain function or script …

Alright, thank you for your reply Georg. If it occurs again I’ll look if I can narrow it down for you. :+1:

It looks like it’s occurring after the Mac fall in ‘slumber’ mode and wakes up again.

then again,… shoot… it isn’t. Just occurred after a scaling command.

The problem might be cause several steps before you invoked it. That makes it quite difficult to debug.

Ah ok, I understand. I’ll try to pay more attention to my actions.:+1:

I’ve filmed it. It now occurs whilst dragging tangents around. I’m only using a mouse and using cmd+z to undo.
undo glyphs.mov.zip (4.3 MB)

What version of Glyphs is this?

Can can you hold down the Option and Shift key while starting Glyphs to disable plugins?

it’s version 3.2 (3227).

I’ll try the option you suggested. Thank you.

Ayn reason you are not on the latest version?