Undo text editing

Hi! I was wondering whether it would be possible to add Undo / Redo for text editing?

Sometimes I accidentally erase a glyph while in text mode, and have to go to Font window, find it, copy and paste. Or even worse – naturally hit cmd+z to get that glyph back, but of course it undoes changes inside the other glyph instead. So it takes time to go and fix that.
Simple opt+z would be great in a case like that!

if you select an individual glyph in the main window, Cmd-Z will undo changes only made to that glyph. Same for Cmd-Shift-Z for redo

Add it to undo would be even more confusing. And as an addition command it is also not that useful.
You don’t need to go to the font view. Hit cmd+F and try the beginning of the glyph name. If you see it in the list, without leaving the text field, hit the down arrow key to select it. Then press enter.

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