Undoing guides in 2017

I’ll give you my kidney for undoing for global guides!
I know there was no way to implement it back then, but maybe there is now.


I hope you still have two kidneys. I cannot say more at the moment. :blush:

I’ll grow myself third if it helps! I smell good news :slight_smile:

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I’d give you kidneys for that too!


(Ermin’s kidneys, I mean. Not mine)

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I thought you’re my friend Toshi? An eye for an eye, and kidney for undoing guides!

I love you Ermin, especially your kidney.

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Now, I’m sure you’re sincere friend. Undo.

Adding to this there is a little problem too. If you have a point selected plus a guide and you move them at the same time there is not undo for that movement of the path. I ll keep rising kidneys…

Ok @pbeaujon
@Tosche , do you need your liver lately?