Uneven family members with identical vertical metrics settings

I have Glyphs file with multiple masters and instances. The masters have identical custom parameters for vertical metrics (typo/win/hhea). Yet when I set the font in InDesign, it places the bolder members of the family higher than the lighter ones. Inline changes in weight actually match up fine, but if they are alone the bolder weights start higher in the text box. Shouldn’t identical vertical metrics settings force the weights to match their baselines?

  • I do not have a baseline grid on.
  • The ascender and x-height is at different heights (the ascender, not the TypoAscender)–would that make a difference?
  • My parameters for each master are:
    typoAscender = 777
    typoDescender = 223
    typoLineGap = 132
    winAscent = 909
    winDescent = 223
    hheaAscender = 909
    hheaDescender = "-223"
    hheaLineGap = 0

I had the same problem.
Clear font caches.


Cleared caches and the problem persists.

Can you send the font to support at this domain? I’ll have a look.

Ah, it looks like this was a case of InDesign not updating the specimen file. Once I cleared the caches then actually typed into those text boxes, their spacing adjusted to be correct.

I have had this problem with InD on several occasions. Sometimes I do a global replace of the typeface using “Find Font” to something else and then change it back the same way. I tend to feel this is an Adobe problem. In Illustrator, if I type a space at the end of the line and delete then save, AI will refresh the metrics to the updated font rev. Pain in the ass but Adobe could care less.

InD also needs a little kick in the b*tt whenever you change the UPM. Seems like this is true for any vertical metric change.