Unexpected Behaviour following MacOS Update

I have recently updated to Mac Big Sur. Now when I open fonts from Glyphs 1.4.5 which I had no problems before in Glyphs 2 I’m seeing red indicators (see screenshot), and when we generate the font from 1.4.5 to open in Glyphs 2 half of the characters disappear (ie the ones with the red indicators) - this didn’t happen before the MacOS update.

Also in 1.4.5 when I open the master font I am unable to toggle between Bold and Light, and when I save Features are not saved.

Has anyone else had similar issues or can offer a solution?

Thank you, Arlette

The red indicators show incompatibilities. That has nothing to do with Big Sur, it means that the layers do not have the same number and order of paths, components and anchors. IIRC I believe Glyphs 1 did not check for anchor compatibility and Glyphs 2 does.

Incompatible glyphs cannot be interpolated and will be exported empty. Again, this did not change with the versions. Incompatible glyphs never were interpolated. They always exported empty.