Unicode Latin Extended-A Glyphs

I’m returning to an old design soon to update it and add some new characters and alter a few small details that I want to address having seen it use for some time. One of the issues I want to address is that I had it pointed out to me that the font was a few characters short of having a complete Latin Extended-A character set. However, in Glyphs the typeface is showing as complete for Basic, Western, Central, South Eastern, South American, Oceanic, and Esperanto. I haven’t included Pan African, Vietnamese or Sámi. So I’m wondering, is there any way to import Unicode lists when adding new glyphs so that I can quickly identify and add the missing glyphs to complete the set?

You could make a custom list filter for the character set. If you have a list of unicodes, the Unicode-to-Glyphs-names system service could be helpful.

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Brilliant! Thanks for the link!