Unicode names or glyph's names?

Hey im working with Ufo files and i want to back the files to glyphs formats. I imported my 2 masters and everything is ok, but some of the glyphs changed the name. So now i have “uni1E9E” instead of “ẞ”. My question is if i want to create my final file in .otf and .ttf format, should i export with the unicode name or with the glyph’s name?


If you use the Glyphs scheme (i.e., Font Info > Other Settings > Use Custom Naming OFF), then Glyphs will convert the names into production names at export time. You can revert names into the Glyphs scheme by selecting all glyphs and choosing Glyph > Update Glyph Info.

If you use your own naming scheme (i.e., Font Info > Other Settings > Use Custom Naming ON), Glyphs will not do any name conversion because we assume you chose this option because you knew what you were doing. When to take which name, that is a historically grown matter. Take a look at the Adobe Glyph List on GitHub, if you want to roll your own naming.

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thanks @mekkablue.