Unicode Puzzle!

Hi, I’m having trouble identifying a unicode symbol combination. Sorry if this topic isn’t appropriate for this forum, but I didn’t know where else to ask for help.

The figure in question is a combination of unicode characters arranged to look like the letter G. I’ve discovered the left part is 𝝵 (mathematical sans-serif bold small zeta) and the right part is އ (thaana letter alifu), I just can’t figure out what makes the top part. I can say that it’s not a combining double inverted breve. But I think it must be something similar to that. Please help me solve this unicode puzzle! I would greatly appreciate it.

Could be
:point_right: „◌៝“ U+17DD Khmer Sign Atthacan Unicode-Zeichen

There are various characters like this arch in Unicode.

See this tool for finding Unicode characters by drawing them:

Good suggestion, I hadn’t seen that one yet, and I’m using a bunch of different websites to try and find it, including shapecatcher. But not a match unfortunately. ି “oriya vowel sign i” is the closest match I’ve found so far. The correct symbol has to be a bit wider than that one. Please lmk if you find any other possible matches! Also notice at the top left of the G there seems to be something behind the 𝝵, which is possibly attached to the arc. Just something to keep in mind. Could be a seperate addition though.