Unicode values and filters

How can I extract where possible only the unicode values of a selected text / glyph map. I need to make reliable list filters.

If I convert a whole font to glyph names and use it as a filter on itself half of it won’t even show up - let alone comparing that to another font. I’m importing Roboto as it happens.

Another example: one opened font (mine) will recognise the ohornacute by glyphs name and unicode and another opened otf (roboto) will only recognise the unicode. It’s very tricky to manage list filters like this.

Filters work on names. That means you need to bring fonts you want to compare to the same naming standard. When you import a font, you may need to update the glyph info first. You are aware of the system services that can give you glyph names from a selected text in any application that supports text input?

Can you be more specific, please? What exactly is not showing up?

Do I need to manually rename (x thousand) to the same glyphs standard? My font with originally generated glyphs is set up with glyphs names so is it normal for imports not to be assigned in the same way? I refer you to the ahornacute example above. Lots of less esoteric characters such as Udieresis have a glyphs name, others like the vietnamese characters are just unicode. I just want a consistent standard and for me unicode, when all fails, is it.

Basically I’m trying to confirm the difference in character set between two fonts.

You can’t use nice names all the time. It’s not the way, rather one way, so non-standard naming should be treated equally. I see the benefit of unicode-based filter, independent of glyph names.

You do not need to do it manually. You can convert to Glyphs nice names or production naming with one of the built-in services. There is a tutorial for that.

You can set your own production names with a custom XML. There is a slightly outdated tutorial for that: instead of legacy, you would now use production. The tutorial will be updated soon.

The problem with Unicode based filters is that you can only address glyphs that have a Unicode. And all alternate glyphs and ligatures don’t have one.
If you need different naming shemes, you need to set up different filters.