Uniwidth font and decimal number problem

Hello at all,
this is my first post and directly it comes with a special question about my uniwidth font. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: With “Sync metrics” the width in the hole font (2 master, 3 instances) is the same. That works great. But some glyphs has an decimal number at left or right sidebearing. If i put a whole number into the sidebearing, the width changes into a decimal number. Would decimal numbers in sidebearings are a problem or can i ignore it, when the width values are ok?

Thank you!

The decimal number in the side bearings could be a sign that some nodes are not rounded to integer numbers, or that you don’t have extreme points. If your path are OK, you can ignore the he fractions.
And what are your grid settings?

Thank you, that´s it. The grid setting was 0 and subdivision 1.

Any reason to set the grid to zero? I recommend to use 1/1

I think no :wink: Maybe i tested something at the beginning and forgot it.