Unix Font 15 chars

How do I save or export a font for Unix? There must be differences, because standard TTF or OTF is not accepted.

Where in “Unix” do you like to use the font. Do you have any fonts that do work?

Yes, I have a font that works. The font has been minimally updated with Glyphs, after the export to TTF or OTF the font will not work. The App are CUPS under RedHat Linux, sorry, not Unix. It’s a barcode font from barcodefonts.net – as written above, the original works. Something’s going on by exporting?

What do you mean by ‘does not work’? Does it not show up in the font menu? Are you getting an error message?

Might be a font conflict. Best to rename the font before exporting. I do not know how Linux handles fonts. Anyone you can ask?

Also, check out the tutorial about editing existing fonts. TTF is not a saving format, when you open a TTF, the software needs to reverse engineer the info inside the font, and sometimes needs to take a guess. The tutorial explains what to watch out for.

The fonts maybe use some custom settings or encodings that are not supported by Glyphs. You could have a look at he data with OTMaster (https://www.fontmaster.nl/index.php/otmaster/) or TTX (http://github.com/fonttools/fonttools/).