Upcoming Glyphs Handbook: asking for your help

Currently wrapping up the texts and redoing the screenshots for the Glyphs 2.5 Handbook. Please use this thread to let me know about any mistakes, omissions, typos, inaccuracies you came across, or passages that were hard to understand. Or any other suggestion or request you have.

Thanks in advance!


Feature requests are game? I would love to know more about refining the TTF autohinting instructions.


Where can I find the Glyphs 2.5 Handbook?

The Glyphs 2.5 Handbook is not yet available; it is being worked on. The currently available version is the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook available here: https://glyphsapp.com/get-started

I think the bracket / brace layers should be explained better, perhaps more visually. Screenshots with examples would definitely help.


Please generate the PDF with bookmarks.

You mean links? It currently has links for all URLs and page numbers.

Linked URLs and summary are fine, but also very handy would be PDF-bookmarks/“Lesezeichen”, which can be generated writing the PDF from InDesign (see screenshot). This would make the PDF better accessible.

Thanks for the input, I cleaned up the document bookmarks, and the upcoming PDF will have a proper Table of Content.

  • Please include instructions for RIght to Left languages specially Arabic.
  • More info on Variable Font options.

Thanks and regards.

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The whole stuff about masters, axis, variable fonts would be a good candidate for more explanation (the tutorial is nice but too simple). Maybe with a real life example.

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More in detail explanation and examples should go to the tutorial and not in the handbook.


  • Please make linked pdf “Contents links to Topics/chapters & reverse links from Topics/chapters Back to contents”.