Update Glyphs python to version 3.11

I just updated the Glyphs python. It would be good if someone could test this.

Install the GlyphsPython though the plugin manager. Then go to the Repositories/GlyphsPythonPlugin folder and switch the repo to the py311 branch. Then restart Glyphs, check Addons > Python version (it should say “3.11.2 (Glyphs)”) and eventually restart again.

Something new in the update process? I don’t know how to do that.

I did try to update, three times, and every time I end up with 3.9.

The update is basically the same setup, just with the newer python and pyobjc.

You need to switch the branch of the repo. you can do that by dragging the “GlyphsPythonPlugin” folder into an Git app (like the GitHub app or Tower) and use the GUI, or use the command line, whatever you prefer.

Those instructions seem to be for developers, not an average user. I have not had to use github to update Plugins/Scripts in years.

This is a beta test for people testing their plugins. So not for you.

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