Update of nested metric references bug

Nested metrics references don’t seem to work. For clarity, nesting is when a first glyph references a second glyph’s metrics and then the second glyph references a third glyph’s metrics; for example, LB of iacute = i and then LB of i = n. Also, it appears that when a nested reference is encountered, other updates to references that occur after that may be disrupted.

Can you explain a bit more in detail what actually happens.

A metrics key only looks at the glyph it links to. If that glyphs metrics key is not up to date, it still gets the not up to date value.

You can update metrics multiple times. But I recommend to not ‘nest’ metrics key references.

I haven’t debugged completely, and lots of different things make it hard to evaluate exactly what’s happening. I am using equations in all metrics, so maybe there is something in the equations.

The issue is mostly with Update Metrics function. Sometimes the metrics resolve when I go into each glyph individually but not when I ‘Update Metrics’ globally by selecting all glyphs in table view.

Multiple repeated ‘Update Metrics’ sometimes resolves some nested metrics formulas, but not always.

In a five axis setup, some ‘Update Metrics’ won’t update unless I select each Axis separately and then ‘Update Metrics’. It seems that this command should apply to all Axes, or else it is hard to understand which metrics are being updated and which are not.

Some ‘Update Metrics’ wont update unless a finer accuracy is selected. Now that I know about this I can adjust, although it was hard to figure out at first.

I have the same issue, I believe this is because of nested metrics keys.

Is there a reason why they’re not supported?

Can you send me the file that I can check this?