Updated "Creating a Layered Color Font" tutorial?

Hi there,

following the tutorial I wonder if there is an updated version of the tutorial available?

My problem is, that the “Custom” input parameter as seen in the screenshots of the tutorial is missing in my Glyphs 2.6.5 (1296).

Can someone please explain how to set up a simple layered color font?

Thanks in advance


You need to define enough axes in font info > Font > custom parameters > Axes.

Okay. Just to be sure, I could add an Axis with the name “Custom” and a four letter tag like “cust”? Is that the correct way?

You can use any name you like.

That will work. If you want to stay true to the OpenType specification, use uppercase letters for the tag, e.g. CUST for custom. Lowercase letters are reserved for registered axes (currently wght, wdth, slnt, opsz, ital).

It is highly unlikely, but at one point in the future, (lowercase) cust may be registered for something, and applications may treat it differently than other axes, and that could potentially break your font.

Thanks for the help, that works!