Updates Metrics on All Layers keyboard shortcut

For some reason, as of earlier this week the default CTRL+ALT+CMD+M keyboard shortcut for Update Metrics in all Masters no longer registers.

I’ve tried it on my external keyboard and on my laptop. The command works if I use the menu option. I even tried assigning it an app shortcut in my Keyboard OS settings, with no success.

I noticed I was on a cutting edge version (1344) so I went back to the stable build if that was the case, still nothing. I can’t find a problem with the hardware, the keys work for other uses and commands, just not this one specific case… Is there any solution I’m looking over to solve this lack of function?

Thank you!

Works for me (Mojave/1344). Do you have a tool, or keyboard shortcut setting in System Preferences, that overrides Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-M?

I went through all my Keyboard > Shortcuts preferences and didn’t see any. I’ll investigate the software on my end.

I do not have any conflicts which would be indicated by indicated by a yellow triangle.

I was able to assign Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-M to open Mission Control in the OS and successfully use the key combination. So the keys work and respond to being assigned, yet when I removed my test shortcut assignment to the troublesome keys, Glyphs won’t respond to it’s default keyboard shortcut.

I tried starting glyphs with no plugins (shift+option at start). Still no dice.

Can I trash a Glyphs plist file related to this? Not sure what else to do.