Updating metrics in color layers & color preview

I have seen this question aplenty in the forums, but haven’t been able to solve this using the options, using the link metrics to first master parameter or to update metrics in all masters. Scripting answers I found also doesn’t seem to be fullproof.

When updating the metrics of a master, only the width of the character is adjusted (adding space to the RSB) while leaving the LSB as it was. Of course the LSB/RSB are different in each layer, so I can understand this tricky to work with, but is there a workaround?

Also, is it possible to update the color layer preview on the fly? Currently you have to revisit each (color) layer in each glyph to see the adjusted result, of for instance component edit. (otherwise it remains in its previous updated state).

When active one of the masters that have a “Link Metrics With Master” parameter and you use the keyboard shortcut of the Text tool to change the side bearings, all layers are changed and stay in sync.

Can you explain what you are doing.

I used the keyboard hotkey increments, but the layers don’t move along, only the width is updated, but not the LSB.

About the color updates, I hope this can clarify it a bit! As for the question why there are also color layers in the components: This keeps the editing across the dozen color layers a bit simpler.

You man the drawing of components. OK.

Could you send me your file that I can test this?

Thank you, I’ve sent over the files (including another version, in which I believe my use of color layers in components is causing an issue as well. Perhaps it’s just not smart to work this way ;)).

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