Upgrade to Cutting Edge issue / CHANGES

I can’t upgrade from 1211 to latest cutting edge.
I downloaded it but Glyphs don’t finish to open it >> “Application Not Responding”
MacOs Sierra 10.12.4

Finally open but I need to wait 5 minutes or more.


Can you make a spindump? (while Glyphs is starting up, in Activity Monitor, self Glyphs, Click the gear icon in the toolbar and there you find “Spindump”)

I hope that help you and help me :slight_smile:
Spindump-etunni.zip (1.4 MB)

That doesn’t make any sense. It tries to display a text view? What plugins do you have?

I uninstalled all plugins and reporters but the issue still there.

I wonder whether something in the app got corrupted?
Can you redownload the app from glyphsapp.com/buy ?

With downloaded app all ok but when upgrade it to latest cutting edge the issue appear again.
I need to wait 15 minutes until the app load, then all functionality are ok including the plugins and other adds.

Could be that another file are corrupted like plist, preferences, etc?

You could try to delete the preference files in ~/Library/Preferences.

The issue was solved deleting preferences.

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