Upgrading to the full version of glyphs

I tried to send you an email but for some reason it keeps saying undelivered. It’s probably something on my end but I thought I will just ask my question here. I bought glyphs mini from the app store a few days ago and did not realize that you were not able to create punctuations with glyphs mini. If I were to upgrade to the full version of Glyphs how much would the upgrade be and will I be able to transfer the font I am working on from glyphs mini to glyphs or would I have to start over.

What do you mean by creating punctuation? Punctuation like comma and period? You can create those with Mini.

Mini and the full version use the same file format.

How would I go about doing that then? Whenever I click on the punctuation tab under categories it’s completely blank?

  1. Open the category (click on the triangle) to show the subcategories.
  2. Right click on one of the subcategories to show the missing glyphs.
  3. Select missing glyphs and click Generate: