Upper corner component and diagonal stems

Hi there,

I was using static components for my serifs and after reading about corner components (Reusing shapes: corner components | Glyphs), I got really excited about how this could simplify things during the sketching/prototyping process. I slowly transformed all my bottom serifs with a _corner.bottomLeftSerif and a _.corner.bottomRightSerif and for the vast majority of the lowercase, that was fine.

When it came to the upper serifs (on the v/w/x/y for instance), I made some _.corner.topLeftSerif and _.corner.topRightSerif components by flipping the bottom components on the baseline.


Is that the right thing to do? The tutorial doesn’t mention anything about this.

Now, I had sketched out the v/w/x/y serifs and tried to reproduce the same sort of length/angle using the components, so far with mitigated success. Often the curves are too steep or too wide, making the stems look fat or the curves look wrong.

Is it wishful thinking to want to achieve this through corner components? Should I just decompose and adjust these manually?
You might also notice my serifs have got a slight slant, though using the percentage adjustments affects it when I’d have liked it to remain consistent throughout. Any way to achieve this or should I just disregard corner components in this case?

Have you tried using left, origin and right anchors as explained in the tutorial?

Corner scale is currently a simple distortion. But try the anchors first.

I have done with some success for the bottom serifs (only using left/right for the relevant side), but for the top ones, I had to invert left and right to get the anchors to behave but it didn’t manage to make it look better than the default.
This is still useful as is for sketching but I was wondering how it holds up as the process moves on.

Depends. I had a project where I kept all the perpendicular ones until the end, but had to decompose most of the diagonal ones. But I have also had projects where I could keep all of them until the end. You need to check and judge for your own project, of course. Hard to make a generalised statement.

You could try building them all around the origin (0,0), IOW build the top serifs at the baseline. It is a little easier to check if the path direction and placement of left/right anchors is consistent between all corners.

Makes perfect sense the way it was presented I was unsure which strategy would be recommended but I can totally see how the perpendicular ones would stay until the end (and the % width looks great in most cases when you need a little extra).

Will keep trying with the top serifs, see if I can get better results. Could be a case of having more _corner components for different situations instead of trying to have one or two sizes fit all. Thank you!

Could you send me the .glyphs file?

Hi Georg,

Just sent you the file. Let me know if you need anything else.