Uppercase font diacritics problem

I’ve created an uppercase font, removed the lowercase letters and updated glyph info. I have created the diacritics, anchors and the legacy version. Cache is ok also.

How do I make the diacritics work on Illustrator using the ALT key and lower case letters. I can generate normal lower case letters on Illustrator, and the diacritic glyphs work when I use ALT + CAPS, but when I just use ALT without holding caps it simply reverts to Myriad.

I see a lot of advice saying to add .case – how do I do this in glyphs 3? Is this still needed… my glyph diacritics have all generated ok and the only real issue is the ALT function not working.

I don’t see ‘Make Component Glyph’ option anymore?

Is there a class I need to add – I have added All Letters in classes.

Any advice or tutorials re diacritics would be great (I have followed the main tutorial on here already).


If your font is uppercase-only, you don’t need to add .case to the name of your diacritics.

The command has been renamed to GlyphCreate Composite (Command-Control-C).

Thanks Florian.

How do I make the lower case diacritics work with ALT in illustrator, in an upper case only font?

They are working ok with ALT + CAPS

  1. Does it work in a web browser? If not, you may need to do another glyph info update.

  2. Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?
    Testing Your Fonts in Adobe Apps | Glyphs

How can I test in web browser?

Obviously it isn’t ideal to ask someone who buys my font to use the Adobe fonts folder, is this purely for me testing or will the diacritics not work for anyone who adds them to Font Book on Mac?


To test in a web browser, you can use fontgauntlet.com, for instance.

Using the Adobe Fonts folder is just a method for testing the font yourself, as it updates any changes live in the Adobe apps, without you having to re-install the font through Font Book and restarting the apps (and maybe rebooting) every time. Your clients can or course just install the finished font normally.

Thanks guys. Followed the steps and now working in Adobe.