Upright and italic variable font with incompatible masters


I read here that you can have incompatible uprights and italics in the same master

How do you do this? I tried and Glyphs gives errors about incompatible masters.

Are you sure you posted the right link? I didn’t find any talk about masters in this article.

If you want to switch between incompatible glyphs along an axis, take a look at the Switching Shapes tutorial.

There was this bit about italics.

Basically I need to create a variable font with uprights and italics. The italic a has different shapes than the upright one. I’m having some trouble getting it done

Look at the Switching Shapes tutorial.

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Okay thanks, I’ll have a look!

To get rid of the compatibility warnings, you can add a “Enforce Compatibility Check” custom parameter an uncheck the box.