Urgent: Font files are not showing in MS Word


After delivering several custom fonts to a client, the developer of their templates have problems using them in Microsoft Word. They have no problems with the files in PPT and Excel, but in Word, the typefaces are changed to Arial (fallback). It works in Word on a mac, just not in PCs. We find it very strange. We have delivered full sets of ‘Windows 1252’, and all the normal font formats (otf, ttf, woff and woff2).

Has anyone here bumped into the same issues, or know how to resolve this?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi, make sure that, if you add unicodeRanges and codePageRanges parameters, these parameters are not empty. You can leave them off entirely, as these will be written automatically on export. Only add them if you know exactly what you are doing :wink:

If they are empty, some applications (including Word on Windows 7, Sublime Text, and others) will not display the font.

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In short:

  • export only TTF for Windows
  • do not use unicodeRanges, codePageRanges, Full Name and Font Name settings unless you know what you are doing, especially name IDs 1 and 2 are better left to Glyphs.
  • stick to simple RIBBI style linking (see the Naming tutorial)
  • make sure the RIBBI style name is not part of the family name (e.g. “Italic”)
  • update your Languagesystems in Font Info > Features (let Glyphs do that)
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