Using Anchor Points to adjust how a Serif is Inserted


I’m struggling with inserting anchor points into my corner components to control how they are inserted (as described in the screenshot from the tutorials section below). For example the right side of my _Corner.RightSerif sticks out too far to the right on my X and I’d like to balance it more in the left direction, but when I add the anchor points by opening the context menu in my corner component it doesn’t show up so I can adjust it in my glyph, it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. It’s possible I’m missing something obvious, if anyone could help out I’d be hugely appreciative.

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I’ve added some screen shots of my issue here.




The path direction of the corner is not right.

Hi Georg, Thank you for taking the time to reply.

So if I reverse the contours on the corner component, open the context menu, add an anchor point and name appropriately then it will appear in the glyph so I can edit the corner as per the example above?

Corner components always match the direction of the hosting path. Try reversing the direction and see what happens.

The right anchor will adjust the bend of exiting stroke, which is the completely straight flat part going to left in the screenshot.

Hint: Your host path is probably also the wrong way around. My advice: fix both directions.

Hi all,

Thank you for your continued help. Apologies for my inactivity on this forum, I’ve been away.

I’ve fixed Path Directions (screen shots to follow) But when I attach the anchor to the corner component, it isn’t present when I view the glyph to adjust it.



It might be that the corner glyph name has an uppercase C. It should be _corner.NewLeft.