Using eraser/knife with overlapping shapes

Hi chaps,

Beginner here with Glyphs Mini. Say I make a circle, and wanted to cut out a bit of it using an overlapping rectangle. How do I get the program to ignore the bit of the rectangle sticking out of the circle?

Coming from Solidworks, I really miss the automatic snap to lines and the trimming tool! Could anyone clue me up on how these things are achieved on Glyphs.


You would usually piece the path fragments together.

There is a workaround for a Boolean operation though: In the current version of mini, there is no support for subtracting shapes. But you can do the reverse: draw a much bigger rectangle around the circle, correct path directions, the circle should turn white, then create an overlapping rectangle over the circle, remove overlap, then you should have the shape you wanted, only in white. Now all you need to do is remove the outer rectangle, and correct directions again.

Thank you, works great