Vanilla version

What version of vanilla does Glyphs install and where does it put it? A user is trying to use one of my scripts, which uses vanilla.vanillaBase.VanillaCallbackWrapper, and is being told that that attribute does not exist. I suspect this means he has an old vanilla version. I talked him through installing the latest from github on the command line, but Glyphs seems to still be picking up the old one. Is there a way to uninstall the version of “addons” and use the Python path instead?

You can install vanilla from Preferences > Addons > Modules. It will install the master branch from the vanilla repo into the Scripts folder. There is a big problem with that as the master branch is not compatible with python 2 any more. I changed it (in the cutting edge version) that is get the last version that is compatible with py2.

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