Var Font: changing weight value

Is there a way to change the weight value in a variable font with a custom parameter?

My one axis font has four instances (lg 300, rg 440, bd 700, bl 900). I would like the preset Regular to be generated with 400 instead of 440. I tried with the custom parameter “weight class”, but in Dinamo Darkroom the preset instance of the regular appears still with 400.


That is what an avar table is there for. You can try the experimental implementation of the Axis Mappings Parameter in File > Font Info > Font.

It is still buggy though and only really works reliably on a single-axis setup.

Or you create your own avar.ttx and merge it with fonttools into the TTF. Or use OTMaster for it if you prefer a UI.

Thanks, Rainer. But the Axis Mappings Parameter has unfortunately no effect in my case. I will try it with fonttools in time.