Variable font and lttr ink

Hello everyone,

I have a ductus, a simple path, that i want tu use as a components in few different master (regular, bold, italic, optical size).

So the first master gonna have somme lttr brush styles,
the second also.
The third master gonna have a slant transformation, and the last just a 130% y extension.

So how can i make the ductus as a main component used in different master?

At th moments i spend so much time to copy and paste !!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are all glyphs in the third and forth master transformed like this? Then you might be able to produce them on export by Instance Filters.

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OK, and I have a message error when exporting, like
“ScaleY is referenced in the custom parameters, but not installed yet”
This problem is fixed.

But not this one…
There is a way to make an instance with custom parameter as a master.
At this moment, i’m trying but…

My goal is to make this one variable.

For a variable font, you need the actual masters. But it might be the easies to write a script that generates/updates the extra layers.