Variable font and mask error

Unfortunately, I can’t spot the problem. Whyle the letter h does work without problems…

the letter k produces an error…

If I remove the leg, it will export. Maybe too many paths?

Any hints?

Glyphs 3.2.1

I need to see all masters of the outlines that do cause the issue.

But normally, this error is caused by differences with those self overlaps (where the shoulder goes into the stem).

The stem side is the same in all Masters.

Or do you think of this differences (points in- and outside the other path?

No, that shouldn’t be an issue. Can you show the top part of the glyph.


In your first screenshot, can you try moving the node coming from the vertical stem outside of the “open corner”? Note that it’s not inside the open corner in your other masters.

Or draw it like this:

i suspected this area from the very beginning, but all the changes did not help.
Now I am sure that this is not the point.
Still an error:

it seems that it only happens in combination of the overlapping leg with the mask in the component. If I remove one of them, the error is gone:

can you send me that file?

sent to info@

Now I see. The problem is in the k.1.liga.part glyph. You added a mask to cut off the top of the bar. To apply the mask, it need to remove overlaps from the rest of the shapes. That produces incompatible outlines. Masks in variable fonts will produce those problems a lot so it is not really advised to use them.

Sorry, once again the wish was the father of the thought. After the announcement of the improvement of the mask function in 3.2, I was so excited that this would now work that I suppressed everything I had already learned.

Is there no way of only cutting the mask off, without removing all overlaps?

I’ve been looking for a way to solve something like this elegantly for a long time, but I just don’t know how else to do it.
The ideal would be a cap component that works with standard components, but that will remain a dream, won’t it?

I tried it without removing overlap but there are soo many occasions where that fails.