Variable font broken in Firefox

I’m using a VF-TTF in HTML. Works fine in browsers except in Firefox. Firefox complains about a malformed AVAR-table, and renders the font incorrectly. This issue was reported and fixed previously, but has now reappeared. I have no manual AVAR-table, only whatever Glyphs generates.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

You already have it – it’s the same as the one I sent about the Intel Mac bug.

The problem seems to the with the “SemiExpanded” instances.

The SemiExpanded masters have a mapping on the width axis from 150>113. The instances from 113>113. You either need to set the internal value of those instances to 150 (as the masters) or use a smaller external value (e.g. 108)

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As far as I can see that was an error on my part in creating the Instance Cooker recipes. Thank you for helping out!