Variable Font Contextual Alternates in InDesign vs. Ilustrator & Photoshop

Hi everyone,

is anyone experiencing issues with Contextual Alternates in Variable Fonts when using Illustrator 2021 or Photoshop 2021? Though it all works well in InDesign 2021, Textedit, Keynote and the web. Maybe there is a known bug?


What do you mean by variable font contextual alternates? Any calt feature in an OTVar?

I have a font in which at a certain bold weight the shape of a character is changing. Iā€˜m using the Rename Glyphs custom parameter and the rlig feature for the Variable Font and a calt feature for the static one.

This solution works in InDesign 2021 for both the static and the variable fonts.
In Illustrator and Photoshop 2021 the static font perform well but in the variable font the contextual alternates feature is not working. Does this description help?

Possible that AI and PS do not support rlig fully.

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Why do you use calt for the static fonts? I would do:
static: Rename Glyphs parameter or bracket layers
variable: feature variation code in rlig or bracket layers