Variable font decompose and remove overlaps

I’m creating a variable font whose glyphs have lots of components and overlapping parts, but I don’t need to keep any of this for the interpolation to work (the variation in the font is very simple).

Is there a way to make glyphs remove overlaps (and also decompose components) when generating a variable font?

There is a Decompose Components in Variable Font custom parameter. But none for remove overlap, yet.

Thanks, I tried it and I’m getting:

Can’t convert to compatible TrueType curves.
Glyph ‘dal-ar.cv22’ is not compatible.

though the glyphs should be compatible even after decomposing (which I verified by decomposing the components manually).

My actual problem is that, one of my glyphs is a mirrored component of another glyph and this wasn’t an issue when I was generating CFF font and removing the overlaps, but now the reversed component causes overlapping parts to be cut out.

Can you send me that glyph?

I sent the whole font.

I ended up generating two instances for the two masters (the base master and the bracket layer), and then creating a variable font with FontTools varLib and it seems to work fine, and it even fixes the mark positioning issue with the bracket later.

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currently working on a path topology that needs remove overlapp to apply path offset on export. would be great to have that available