Variable font doesn't work properly in Indesign

Hello! I’m having some issues with a variable font, and if this question was raised before I’m sorry, I might have not seen or found it:(
So the thing is when I export my font in VF (ttf) there are some issues with kerning in wide masters (as you can see in the picture), then when I use bold in any width all small letters L seem not to work and are shown as light.
Regular and Light styles are ok and work fine.
This problem happens after export(I’ve tried to export it just on my computer and in the Adobe Font folder)
And this thing happens in Indesign only, illustrator seems to do fine.
Also otf (not variable ver) seems to work fine everywhere too.

(There’s bold wide in the picture)

That “light” appearance might be caused by some wrong path directions. Make sure that all paths in all masters are counter clock wise.
About the kerning, I would need to see the file. Could you send it to me?

And there are some severe bugs with variable fonts in the latest version of Indesign. I would recommend to rest fonts in FontGoggles.

Those issues are a bug in Indesign. Nothing you can do about it right now except test in FontGoggles.